Twitter loved this gay math problem for all the right reasons


An Irish performer tweeted a math problem that has been liked thousands of times.

Paul Ryder, a semi-finalist on Ireland’s Got Talent, tweeted a math problem that a teacher friend sent him. She said she had never seen anything like it before.

The problem asks students, “Craig buys his boyfriend a birthday present that costs 215.65 euro including VAT @ 13.5%. What was the original bill before VAT was added?”

VAT is the “value added tax” – roughly equivalent to American sales tax.

One Twitter user understood the significance right away:

Straight people often don’t understand how much they talk about heterosexuality, even in little things like textbook math questions.

Others wanted to know… what did Craig buy for 215.65 euro?

This is just one small step on the path to a day when people can mention their same-sex partners without anyone batting an eye.

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