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Man’s plan to pose as a doctor to get a boyfriend goes about as well as you’d imagine


A man posed as a doctor at two hospitals in order to impress male staff members in a bid to land a boyfriend. He is now facing jail time.

Nicholas Brett Delaney, 25, stole a lanyard from a staff area and began passing himself off as Dr. Nick Delaney at two different hospitals: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House in South Brisbane.

Delaney was able to gain access to secure areas, although it is unknown if he saw patients. He was found out when staff noticed he was mispronouncing basic medical terms.

He told detectives he was hoping his ploy would impress hospital staff and result in him landing a boyfriend.

He pleaded guilty on December 21 to two counts of entering a premises with intent and one of attempted fraud, without a lawyer present to defend him.

Magistrate Stuart Shearer declined to sentence him until he is represented by an attorney.

“You shouldn’t underestimate the seriousness of your offenses,” he told Delaney.

“It’s hardly a trivial offense to be impersonating a doctor in a children’s hospital over an extended period of time,” he warned.

Shearer set sentencing for January 29.

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