Sony tried to erase the gay romance in ‘Call Me By Your Name’ but Twitter wasn’t having it

call me by your name
Sony Pictures got busted straight washing their very gay film.Photo: Sony Pictures/Twitter

The new film Call Me By Your Name is a coming-of-age story, set in Italy, and centered around a budding romance between 17 year-old Elio, played by Timothée Chalamet, and his father’s 24 year-old American student Oliver, played by Armie Hammer.

You would be forgiven if you didn’t pick up on that story line from a tweet Sony Pictures sent out that saw them getting immediately skewered for straight washing the very gay movie.

The Sony Pictures UK Twitter account asked if you had seen the movie yet, and then showed Elio with his friend, Marzia (Esther Garrel). While he does have a brief fling with her, she is definitely not his love interest, as the image would have you believe.

This is not the couple the reviewer is quoted as referencing, calling it “overwhelming in its intensity.”

call me by your name tweet
Sony Pictures/Twitter

This is:



Twitter was quick to call foul:

One Twitter user noticed a similarity in how Brokeback Mountain was promoted.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Watch the trailer for the movie below.

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