If you hate Donald Trump, you’re gonna love these 7 political Christmas cards

We've had TREMENDOUS meetings with Santa. Great guy, by the way. Good friend of mine. The BEST. promo photo

If you’re a political junkie, nothing could possibly top the joy of sending out a handmade Christmas card that mocks Donald Trump. So if you can’t make it home for the holiday, you can get the dinner table political arguments started early without having to bake a ham or peel potatoes.

Either way, here are seven political Christmas cards you should pick up this year. Most come in a box of 12 and a couple of them are jumbo sized. If you’re not a politico, one of them has snowmen.

No matter what, whoever you send these cards are sure to giggle when they get them – no matter what side of the aisle they’re backing.

Even protesters appreciate a cup of hot chocolate now and then


Join the resistance for Christmas

Inside: Have a Merry Christmas

Is the partridge from the pear tree still available instead?


Donald Trump Christmas card

Inside: Season’s Tweetings!

Every time an immigrant gets to stay, a Republican gets their heart.

This might need more than a miracle

Inside Card: Wishing you happiness in a world of peace

You’ll be tired of Christmasing very shortly


Christmas is gonna be YUGE this year

Inside: Blank

With this one you can get your crazy uncle’s hopes up until he realizes it’s from you.


You’d better thank him for sending this.

Inside: But who the fruck cares? Happy Holidays

In all fairness, most of them are #fakenews to some degree…


If it’s not favorable, it’s fake news

Inside: Merry Christmas, for real!

Is he going to stop making all the toys in China?


He’s probably grabbed Santa’s sack too

Inside: I worry bigly about those people. Happy Holidays!

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