Dying grandpa proposes to his granddaughter’s girlfriend in this must-see video

Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

Sarah and Megan were dating for eight months before Sarah proposed in an unusual way.

Sarah’s Pa and Nanna are her favorite people in the world, and they both love Megan too. “We have always been very close. He is my best friend,” she told Dancing with Her.

When Sarah found out that Pa only had three months to live and would not be at her wedding, she knew she needed to include him in the proposal.

She and Megan were going to the beach one afternoon, and Sarah took her laptop with her. She also hid a ring in the sleeve of her dress.

At the beach, Sarah said she had a video to show Megan. It featured her grandparents with a special message just for Megan.

In the video, Pa asks, “Would you please consider and agree to marry our granddaughter? Please, thank you, and I hope you both have a very, very happy life together.”

Megan said yes, and they went to Pa and Nanna’s place to have champagne.

They agreed prior to the proposal that whoever proposed would be the second one to walk down the aisle, so Megan gets to go first in October wedding they are planning.

Unfortunately, Pa has passed away now, but now he’ll still be part of the ceremony.

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