5 (relatively) easy expert tips to a better body & healthier lifestyle in 2017

5 (relatively) easy expert tips to a better body & healthier lifestyle in 2017
Personal trainer Philip Bondi shows off his abs. Photo: Philip Bondi

When he walks down Santa Monica Blvd. as the sun shines high above West Hollywood, people notice. At 26, Philip Bondi has done what so many of us only dream about: he has willed himself a healthy, toned body. But Philip notes that he didn’t just wake up one day with his slender physique and healthy living habits. He prepared for it over time.

A self-described “skinny kid,” who felt insecure about his body, Philip worked for years to learn to sleep and eat well, to work out right, while studying kinesiology at California State University to become a personal trainer and life coach.

Not all of us are willing to put in the work Philip has, or even care to do so, but nonetheless he does have tips that all of us can benefit from, no matter your personal goals or your body type.

As the owner of Fitness with Philip Bondi, he sat down to share five secrets to preparing for a great workout, and in his words, “take selfies to the next level!”

1. Squats Everyday

Phillip says: “squats are the foundation of a healthy, fit body.” Squatting improves balance and coordination, and increases testosterone levels. Not to mention, doing all those squats leads to great legs and glutes, and helps keep that gay posterior shapely. Think of it this way: the legs and pelvis support the rest of the body, so just like a building, in order to keep from toppling over, lay strong foundation. In that way, exercise like squats helps prepare the body for day-to-day life and aging.

2. Get Quality Sleep

While different people need different amounts of sleep, in general getting eight hours of sleep helps maintain good health. “This keeps hormones in proper balance which keeps your body from storing excess fat,” Philip observes. “It also keeps the brain functioning at optimum levels.” Besides keeping you sharp for the next episode of Jeopardy!, sleep prepares the mind to cope with daily stresses of life. Preparing a healthy brain can prevent bad habits, like excess eating, which can further throw off the bodily balance. Fatigue is one of the primary sources of overeating, so make sure you get plenty of rest.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Part of good fitness includes realizing that no two people are alike. Not everyone has the same body type, so each person needs to focus on doing what’s best for him. “[It] not only creates unrealistic expectations, but also pushes people to strive for something unattainable,” he explains. Philip sees staying healthy as a personal, unique goal. “Fitness is a journey and differs for everyone. Everyone has different genetics to work with.” In other words, taking steps to a healthy body can begin with accepting a personal body type. This kind of acceptance not only sets person on a tailored path to good health, it also prepares the mind to cope with the pressures to have a perfect body. Fitness isn’t about vanity; rather, it’s about readiness.

4. Watch the Sugar

Maybe it comes as no great surprise, but sugar can set up a major roadblock to personal fitness, even more so than fat. Philip cautions anyone looking to stay healthy to check the refined sugar content of a particular food before eating. In particular, processed foods can contain a huge amount of hidden sugar, which can ruin all the work at the gym. While the body does need carbohydrates, keeping the sugar to a minimum will help peel away the fat. Any easy and healthy way to accomplish this is to focus on whole foods that come from the ground: plants. Not only do you know what you are getting, but they contain the most nutrients and and anti-oxidants.

5. Set Action-Based Goals

Optimum health requires a certain amount of mental preparation, like setting up goals. When it comes to fitness, focus on action first, not results. While the perfect body can represent a perfect ultimate goal, getting and maintaining that healthy body comes from setting up a work out regimen and sticking to it, improving your workouts over time. In other words, make a work out routine the goal by preparing a gym schedule. Budget time for a proper amount of sleep, or to prepare a healthy meal. “It’s easier to control your day to day behaviors than to control outcomes and results,” Philip observes.

To contact Philip about training in the LA Area, contact him at [email protected].

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