After coming out as bisexual, this woman got a heartwarming gift from grandma

Via Instagram

Coming out to family can be tricky, and sharing the good news with grandparents is often outright discouraged.

“You’ll kill your grandmother.”

“Your grandpa’s heart can’t handle another shock.”

But one woman learned just how cool her grandma is when she came out as bisexual. Rather than fret about her granddaughter’s future or express confusion about her identity, Suna Huls’ grandmother this grandma showed her love and support in a classically grandmotherly way.

She knitted a sweater.

But is wasn’t just any sweater. Grandma knitted a sweater with a big rainbow splashed across the front.

Much to the surprise of Huls, who lives in the Netherlands, a photo of her grandma holding the sweater went viral.

No word yet on what Grandma has to say about her newfound fame, though Huls said she expected she would “lose her shit.”

The world could use more grandmas like her.


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