Kim Davis inspires her Kentucky hometown’s first Pride celebration

Morehead Pride

Morehead, Kentucky, was just a blip on the map before Kim Davis made national headlines for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. But now, it’s getting attention for a different reason.

Last weekend, Davis’s hometown¬†held its first ever Pride festival. And while the infamous clerk¬†didn’t attend, a drag impersonator was there to fill in for her.

“I think it was probably the first time people had seen a drag show in their life,” Morehead Pride’s director David Moore told Vice.

He and his partner were one of the first couples to apply for a marriage license after the state’s governor ordered clerks to issue them in accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Video of the couple being denied went viral.

Moore did eventually marry his husband last October and has been planning Morehead Pride ever since.

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