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Trump fails right winger’s ’10 Commandments’ litmus test

Right wing conservative Christian David Barton has made it clear he supports Donald Trump even though the Republican presidential nominee falls short of fulfilling Barton’s own standard for candidates: the Ten Commandments.

On his Weekend Connection religious program, the self-proclaimed biblical historian called on voters to choose the candidate who “publicly acknowledges God… who openly supports the acknowledgement of God,” who is committed to “keeping the marriage bed pure” by opposing same-sex marriage, who opposes abortion and who opposes the use eminent domain to allow the government to take private property.

But as Right Wing Watch reported, Trump is not personally committed to “keeping the marriage bed pure;” the nominee’s positions on gay marriage and abortion “have been all over the map,” reports RWW, and his love of eminent domain is well documented.

Those four specific issues are so crucial, said Barton, “God put them in his top ten,” meaning the Ten Commandments.

Listen to Barton’s radio program below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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