Tegan and Sara owe their success to a 70-year-old rocker

Sara Quin, left, and Tegan Quin Photo by Scott Gries/Invision/AP

“Love You to Death” is a bold, upbeat adventure with topics ranging from stalking ex-lovers to family drama. The album was produced by Greg Kurstin, who worked on the Canadian duo’s last album and also produced hits like Adele’s “Hello” and Sia’s “Chandelier.”

“You’re not going to hear Sia and not know it’s Sia. He’s going to work with Adele, you always know it’s Adele. These are people who have a really established character and sound and voice, and I feel honored that in a way by working with Greg we get to be that voice, too. He’s not changing it or distorting it (in) some kind of way that people don’t recognize it’s us. I think that was sort of what allowed us to feel confident with changing the sound a bit and going in a more pop production.”

They’ll bring the new songs to life with a U.S. and Canadian tour kicking off Sept. 9 and running through Nov. 16. They will visit New York City, Nashville, Tennessee, and even their hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

Tegan and Sara say they’re also excited to see fellow Canadians such as Drake, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd dominate the pop charts in America and around the world.

“In Canada there’s a lot of government grants and a lot of money that comes from taxes that actually gives funding to artists like us to make music videos, travel internationally, fund small business projects, and what’s amazing about Canadian talent doing so well internationally is it reinvigorates those funds. It makes people go, ‘Yes, we need to continue to fund small acts, develop young bands,’ so it is win-win,” Tegan said. “Drake and Bieber and Weeknd absolutely have a hand in helping to support the arts in Canada just by default by being successful.”

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