Someone snapped this picture off their TV and broke the internet

Photo: Reddit

The scene: a living room in Georgia.

The plot: a viewer of the Olympic Games named Kari Kelly saw something unusual during the Germany – Canada field hockey match in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Something that prompted her to take her smartphone, snap a picture and tweet it to the world.

This is that picture:

She was not alone, in fact, nor is she the only one who thinks #ImImature is the appropriate response. Poor Linus Butt and Florian Fuchs of Germany are now famous for standing next to one another.

Internet famous, at least. Trending on Twitter is the hashtag #buttfuchs, and here are just some of the juvenile responses:

This poor guy got flashbacks.

At least one Twitter user decided the image wasn’t enough and introduced an ear worm to go along with it.


Give this guy a gold medal for his math skillz.

And here’s one that takes the pun one step too far.


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