Gov. Chris Christie: NBA’s move of All-Star Game is ‘grandstanding’

He’s baaaaack on the airwaves in the Garden State: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, staunch Republican, early Donald Trump supporter and repeated denier of transgender civil rights, and he’s got something to say to his listeners about next year’s All-Star Game. 

As reported, Christie returned to WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton” as co-host Friday, and ripped into the National Basketball Association for its decision to strip Charlotte of the event that would have brought $100 million to the state’s struggling economy.

It’s struggling in large part because of North Carolina’s controversial law known as House Bill 2, which stripped cities of their right to enact their own antidiscrimination protection ordinances and forces transgender people to use only the public bathroom and locker room and shower facilities that correspond to the gender on their birth certificates.

“Are they going to evaluate every law in every state or is it just a certain law?” Christie asked his cohosts, who inquired what he thought of the NBA’s decision to move the event.

“I know what it is,” he continued. “It’s grandstanding by the NBA, and that’s what they do.”

The NBA has not yet announced where it will move the All-Star Game but New Orleans is seen as a strong contender. The league did say it would consider holding the game in North Carolina in 2019 if the state revokes its hateful legislation. Each city’s record on LGBTQ rights will be a consideration, the NBA said.


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