How not to interview Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres appears unflappable and rolls with the punches when she hosts her daytime talk show. But when the roles are reversed, as it happens on her tour promoting Disney/Pixar’s hit film, “Finding Dory,” being the interviewee certainly presents its challenges.

Such was the case when DeGeneres met the host of the British children’s show, “Blue Peter,” reported Gay Star News. 

Lindsey Russell invited the star to play a word game in which she had to answer the previous question she was asked. Sound confusing? It sure was, and kudos goes to DeGeneres for gamely playing along and trying her best to follow the not so simple rule of each time remembering to answer the question she was asked before the current one.

But it’s not long before the actress surrenders and tells her host, enough!

“This is a horrible game,” said DeGeneres. “Should we start again?” asked Russell. “No,” is the reply, and a very firm “no” it is.

Watch the clip below from YouTube, via CBBC.

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