Tyler Posey just came out (unless he didn’t)

A short video posted to Snapchat has a lot of people asking: “Did Tyler Posey just come out?”

If you’re asking, who? He’s a young actor known to audiences for dating Miley Cyrus when they were younger (he was her first kiss, according to Hollywood Life) and starred in TV’s Teen Wolf, and 2013’s Scary Movie 5. 

But if his video is to be believed, he is coming out as gay, after some previous tomfoolery in which he showed a bulge in his pants on Snapchat and hinted he had an account on Grindr.

Friday’s post appeared to be definitive:

“This is me. I am this and this is me. I never felt more alive. I’m gay!” Posey said in the video recorded walking down New York City’s, uh, Gay Street:


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