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Tucker Carlson is ‘disgusted’ by DNC’s gender neutral bathrooms

Tucker Carlson is ‘disgusted’ by DNC’s gender neutral bathrooms

He’s long ago given up wearing bow-ties but right wing conservative Tucker Carlson is apparently unable to grow past the fact that gender neutral bathrooms are not “disgusting” but a far more equitable arrangement in high demand locations, such as the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Appearing on Fox News, the far right-leaning editor in chief of homophobic and transphobic online rag, The Daily Caller, did not hold back when he was asked what he didn’t like about the convention thus far: “I thought it was the most disorganized event I have ever covered in 25 years. It was the most badly organized, bizarre event.”

Asked to elaborate, Carlson went on a rant, beginning with the gender neutral bathrooms in the Wells Fargo Center:

“Well, just the whole thing was bizarre, starting from the like gender neutral bathrooms, which are disgusting. I mean I guess we’re liberated by this? Everyone should come visit one and see the reality of it. It’s unbelievable. To the totally screwed up security situation outside. To a line of speakers urging Americans to break the law. To no American flags. I mean the whole thing was like an alternate reality.”

Watch more from Carlson on Fox News, via Media Matters.

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