‘Trump penetrates Pence:’ twitterverse mocks The Donald’s new logo

Dawn Ennis

Not since “New Coke” has there been this kind of response to a brand.

Within minutes of Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump announcing Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate via Twitter, the fundraising emails went out, and the jokes popped up. These tweeters were not mocking the choice, or the timing, or anything remotely related to who might someday be a heartbeat away from leading the free world.

It’s the logo.

Someone hired by the Trump/Pence campaign has refashioned a modern art American flag with red stripes, and the letters T and P in the field where blue stars typically appear. But in this version, the T is intertwined with the P in such a way that many saw… something the campaign clearly hadn’t anticipated.

And if they did, well, would that really surprise anyone? Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal show isn’t known for holding back, and produced a simple but stupendous animation for those “still not seeing it.”

Bee clearly wasn’t alone.

Not everybody’s laughing.

Politico’s Kenneth Vogel also wagged his finger at America, but jokingly: his tweet mocked the ridiculous explanation from Trump’s campaign for its last graphic fiasco:

Remember this? (Thank you, @kenvogel!)

trump star

So here they are, more of the funniest damn tweets we’ve seen so far:



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