Texas school district will notify parents if child is transgender

Texas school district will notify parents if child is transgender

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas school district that triggered a passionate debate when it announced restroom guidelines for transgender students pledged Wednesday to work more closely with parents on matters affecting LGBT children.

Fort Worth Superintendent Kent Scribner said Wednesday that transgender guidelines have been condensed and that each student will be handled on a “case-by-case basis.”

Earlier guidelines announced in April noted that transitioning to a different gender is a private matter and that students could choose whether to have their parents involved. The policy said informing a parent could carry risks for a child who may be punished.

“The new guidelines squarely involve parents, unless it would prove harmful to the child,” Scribner said, adding that it now “defaults” to bringing parents into the fold earlier.

The revision came after a series of community meetings where “it was clear there was much misinformation and misunderstanding about this policy,” Scribner said.

State Attorney General Ken Paxton last month issued a non-binding opinion suggesting Fort Worth schools were violating Texas law with the restroom guidelines.

He had claimed that Texas’ sixth-largest school district relegated “parents to a subordinate status” since the policy was created without their proper input or consent. Paxton, a Republican, had argued the guidelines violated state education code.

His opinion was sought by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a fellow Republican who had unsuccessfully demanded Scribner’s resignation.

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