This new AbFab Lego set looks like more fun than the Betty Ford Clinic

Emre Ozpirincci's AbFab Lego set detail. Emre Ozpirincci via Flickr

Emre Ozpirincci may be the coolest AbFab fan on the planet. Inspired by another person’s miniature dolls of the show’s main characters Patsy and Edina, the writer decided to kick things up a notch by creating an entire set of Lego characters (complete with costumes!) and recreated Edina’s iconic kitchen so they had a nice place for a chat, cup of tea, and a few Vicodins.

“I took the liberty of adding add the rest of the cast to make my kitchen set creation a bit more… colorfully crowded,” he told NewNowNext.

Ozpirincci’s set, which is not an official Lego product for sale, uses 882 pieces to build completely. You can check out more photos of his creation on his Flickr page.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie opens on July 22.




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