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N.C. governor delivers transphobic punchline introducing Donald Trump

His anti-LGBTQ legislation House Bill 2 has tarnished North Carolina’s reputation, hurt its businesses and cost the state an expected $100 million in revenue from next year’s NBA All-Star game, but that didn’t Gov. Pat McCrory from making a joke at the expense of transgender people at a Winston-Salem rally for Donald Trump.

Gov. McCrory was on stage to introduce the Republican nominee for president when he started giving instructions to the crowd that the Washington Post reported resembled something a flight attendant might say:

“All right, let’s be safe now. We’ve got a big crowd, so if you need to leave suddenly, we’ve got exits this way, exits this way and exits this way.”

The Post reported McCrory said, using his hands and arms to point straight ahead, and to his right and to his left.

“And if any of you need to use the restrooms,” he said, pausing as the crowd started to cheer. “And if you have any questions, go to the Philadelphia convention where all of the Democrats are!” said McCrory.

Watch the video of McCrory below from YouTube, provided by Joe.My.God.


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