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HRC launches Dump Trump site, calling nominee ‘unfit for presidency’

HRC launches Dump Trump site, calling nominee ‘unfit for presidency’

The nation’s largest gay rights group has created a new website, detailing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “dangerous positions on issues of LGBTQ equality,” a site called “Dump Trump.”


In announcing the new site, the Human Rights Campaign Trump outlined its reasons for politicking against the New York tycoon:

“Vowed to rescind marriage equality and — with a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court — pledged to appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices who would overturn last year’s historic ruling;

“Has vowed to sign the so-called “First Amendment Defense Act,” which would allow individuals, many businesses and nonprofit organizations to circumvent critical federal protections and blatantly discriminate against LGBTQ families;

“Would support anti-LGBTQ governors like North Carolina’s Pat McCrory or Indiana’s Mike Pence when they write discrimination into state law.”

And HRC said the casino magnate “doubled down on his anti-LGBTQ agenda by putting Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on the ticket.” In addition, the website notes Trump has pledged to repeal President Obama’s executive orders protecting LGBTQ employees of federal contractors. Also cited are Trump’s verbal attacks on women, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, people living with disabilities, asylum seekers and the list goes on.

As for Thursday night’s speech to the GOP convention, HRC is accusing Trump of “pandering” to gay voters when he denounced violence and oppression against the LGBTQ community.

Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin called it “bizarre” that Trump won praise for the speech, accusing the nominee of mentioning gays and lesbians “for his own selfish, political advancement.”

In his speech accepting the nomination, Trump mentioned the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida last month, and pledged to do everything possible to protect LGBTQ citizens from foreign attackers.

The Human Rights Campaign, which has endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, criticized out PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel for being “dismissive” of concerns about bathroom choice for transgender people. He became the first person to say he’s gay in a speech to a Republican national convention.

HRC says it’s also disappointed Thiel didn’t push his fellow Republicans toward LGBT equality.

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