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Best thing you’ll read all day: Gavin Newsom’s anti-Trump Twitter rant

Somebody, quick: check on Gavin Newsom. He’s been on fire on social media for a straight 24 hours, railing against Donald Trump, his campaign promises, his party’s platform, his choice of running mate, and even the music that accompanied the presumptive GOP nominee’s grand entrance on the first night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Check it out here, as California’s lieutenant governor — a straight, married longtime LGBTQ ally — pitches a justified fit that of all the songs the campaign could have selected, they chose an anthem by an out gay man who died of AIDS, against the expressed wishes of the band, Queen:

And Tuesday afternoon, Newsom retweeted Queen’s polite demand to cease and desist:

But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Newsom’s attacks on Trump and the convention at large. Here’s a sampling, beginning with his response to the delegates approving the most anti-LGBT platform in GOP history:

Newsom first made headlines in the fight for marriage equality 12 years ago, when as mayor of San Francisco, he ordered clerks at city hall to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Newsom then turned his ire to Trump, reminding him of the tragic events of June 12:

And speaking of Trump’s running mate, Newsom had some choice words about Mike Pence to share:

He also reamed Trump about how the first out lesbian on the GOP platform committee was silenced when she attempted to squeeze into the platform an acknowledgement that LGBTQ people exist. And the plank that endorsed “ex-gay” conversion therapy sent Newsom into a boil:

And this afternoon, Newsom — who has already announced he is running for governor of California in 2018 — tweeted this easy to understand guide to the GOP on LGBT issues. Not too shabby for a straight dude.

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