13-year-old comes out as bisexual in the most adorable, nerdy way

Coming out as a young teen to your parents can be an intimidating prospect. One 13-year-old boy found a clever and adorably nerdy way to come out to his as bisexual.

A man shared the story to Reddit with a post to r/lgbt titled, “So my 13 year old step son came out today. This is how he did it…”

He shared what his stepson’s letter translated to:

So decoded it reads (with his errors)

‘Before you read the next letter please don’t talk about the subject to me or anyone else within twelve hours of reading it. This has taken a lot of nerves to write what you are about to read.

‘Well to start with I am well you see I am bysexual and someone called Kyle asked me out and well I said yes so we have been going out now since Tuesday twenty eighth of June. I don’t know what to say but am feeling a little awkward right now.’

The man said he had some fun with “bysexual,” reporting that he called his “other half ‘buy-sexual’ for the pleasure she derives from shopping.”

A commenter had suggested that perhaps being “bysexual” is when you are bi for someone named Kyle.

The letter was not only effective, it was well received, the stepfather who posted it reported.

“He is so happy and, once we established Kyle wasn’t 40, so were we!” he said. “So happy wanted to share!”

We’re glad he did. It is always uplifting to hear a story of parents accepting their LGBTQ children, especially when it is as charming a tale as this one.

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