#Trans102: everything you need to know about trans bathroom issues

Jen Richards is one of more than 40 transgender and gender non-conforming people featured in her latest video project. YouTube.com/MAC Cosmetics

You’ve seen her on TV’s I Am Cait and in the web series Her Story, now Hollywood writer, producer, actress and activist Jen Richards has released a new short video addressing the issue of transgender bathroom access, titled #Trans102.

Richards posted on her Facebook fanpage that this is but the first in an upcoming new series about trans folk.

The video appears on MAC Cosmetics’ YouTube channel, and Richards wrote that this is part of the cosmetic company’s effort to raise more than one million dollars for organizations and projects benefiting the trans community. Caitlyn Jenner also collaborated with MAC on a lipstick to benefit the fund.

Watch the video written by Richards and directed by Silas Howard below.

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