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After Orlando: Instead of a wedding, couple will have a joint funeral

In the aftermath of the tragedy at Pulse, relatives of the 49 people murdered are now making funeral arrangements, and according to Time, two families will come together to celebrate the lives of a loving couple separated only by death.

Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22, and his 32-year-old boyfriend, Christopher “Drew” Leinonen, were killed inside the Orlando, Fla. club early Sunday.

“They were honestly so in love. They were soul mates. You can tell by how they looked at each other,”Aryam Guerrero told the magazine. “It’s a little comforting that they died together.”

“If it’s not a funeral, they were going to have a wedding together,” Guerrero said. The family received word very early on that they were among those who had lost a loved one, but Guerrero’s fate was not known until midday Monday.

Leinonen’s mother said she suddenly was awakened at 3 a.m. the morning of the shootings, and upon hearing the news drove to Pulse to begin a vigil. She broke down in tears as she pleaded on local and national television for confirmation that her son was among the victims, and called for an end to assault weapon-fueled mass shootings.


Leinonen’s father speaks up on page 2.

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