Why not use the Prince symbol to indicate gender neutral bathrooms?

Myers + Chang restaurant in Boston is using the Prince symbol to indicate their bathrooms are gender neutral. via Boston Globe

Boston‘s Myers + Chang restaurant has the perfect solution to the pesky problem of how to label gender neutral bathrooms. What better symbol to use than Prince’s androgynous symbol name?

Employees say the inspiration struck after the Purple One passed away in late April.

“Our general manager, Kristi McNeil, loves Prince,” Alexis Weinrich told the Boston Globe. “It’s a perfect, all-inclusive symbol for everyone, and it gives Prince a little love. We were all really sad, and this was just a light bulb moment for us. We’d been thinking of changing the signs to say ‘Anyone’ and ‘Everyone,’ but this fit.”

But is the symbol no one understood any easier to grasp when used to mark a bathroom door?

“It’s funny,” Weinrich told the Globe. “Some people get it right away — but others are a bit confused and aren’t sure which gender symbol it is.”

What do you think? Would you understand the meaning? Is this something more places should adopt?

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