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Judge denies Philly gaybasher’s plea for early release

Kathryn Knott will be spending Independence Day and at least several more days behind bars, according to court records obtained by Philadelphia Gay News.

The woman convicted of assault in a 2014 attack on a gay couple by a mob of her friends has been incarcerated since February after being sentenced to five to ten months.

Despite getting turned down in March, her lawyer filed another motion last week —just hours after the antigay terror attack on an Orlando, Fla. nightclub that killed 49 people and wounded 53 — requesting she be released for good behavior. But Common Pleas Court Judge Roxanne Covington, who presided over Knott’s December 2015 trial, denied the request without comment, according to PGN.

“She’s had no write-ups, which you can get if you’re in a fight, or insolent or insubordinate or don’t follow directions,” Brennan told the website. “She’s been performing her duties — cleaning toilets — and has been a model inmate. Inmates are given this reward, if you will, where the minimum sentence is slightly reduced and they have the opportunity to be released slightly early with ‘earned time, good time.'”

Knott’s attorney, Bill Brennan, told PGN he plans to again petition the court for release once Knott reaches the five-month minimum of her sentence July 8.

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