Colton Haynes strikes back at ‘The Real O’Neals’ Noah Galvin

Colton Haynes strikes back at ‘The Real O’Neals’ Noah Galvin

The backlash against Noah Galvin’s already-notorious Vulture interview is unfolding in real time.

Now, Colton Haynes has taken to Instagram to defend himself and personally respond to Galvin’s sharp critique of how he came out.

To refresh your memory, Galvin had this to say about Haynes:

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That’s not coming out. That’s f*cking pussy bullsh*t. That’s like, enough people assume that I sleep with men, so I’m just going to slightly confirm the fact that I’ve sucked a dick or two. That’s not doing anything for the little gays but giving them more masturbation material.”

He later apologized for the remarks via Twitter:

To Colton Haynes and to the LGBTQ youth, especially those who have embraced our show, I have no right to dictate how or when anybody comes out of the closet; I know how difficult and scary the process of coming out can be, and the last thing I would ever want to do is make it scarier.”

And here’s the response from Colton himself:

Noah Galvin apologizes to Colton Haynes for ‘p*ssy bullsh*t’ comment

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