Charles Barkley: I may boycott the North Carolina All-Star game

Charles Barkley Bil Browning

NBA superstar Charles Barkley has never been quiet about his support for LGBT rights, but the player-turned-sportscaster took a strong stand against North Carolina‘s new anti-LGBT law. After being asked about the controversy on the Dan Patrick Show, Barkley was asked if he would boycott the upcoming All-Star game if the law wasn’t repealed.

I told my boss, I don’t want to act like I’m jumping on a sword, but I’ve talked to [NBA Commissioner] Adam Silver, we need to move the All-Star Game. I hope they don’t put me in a situation where I have to boycott the All-Star Game. We need to move the All-Star Game.”

The NBA has pointedly told Governor Pat McCrory that the state is in danger of losing the high profile game if it doesn’t repeal HB2, the law that forces transgender people into the wrong bathrooms and repealed nondiscrimination ordinances that protected veterans and LGBT people.

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