Segregated bathrooms will increase violence against women

In a room of 100 American women, 20 women will be victims of rape or sexual assault. With 100 men, 3 will be attacked. For men, those numbers are likely much higher; it’s speculated that men report rapes far less than women.

In our imaginary room of 100 American women, we’d have to add 50 more women, to get a single rape conviction statistically. Out of 150 women, 30 will be raped, and out of those 30 attacks, there will be only a single conviction.

Now fill the room with 100 transgender people. Using metrics from a study of trans individuals by the Williams Institute, 50 of our transgender friends in that room will be victims of sexual assault. If we narrow it down to only trans women, 66 of the 100 will be raped.

  • 46 trans men out of 100 will attempt suicide. 52 trans women will.
  • Only 49 of 100 trans folk will have a high school diploma and 54 of them will be subsisting on an income of $10,000 per year or lower.
  • Between 55-65 of them will be disabled.
  • 67 will be ostracized by their own families.
  • 50-54 of them will be harassed or bullied at school.
  • 50-59 of them experience discrimination or harassment at work.
  • 60 transgender people out of 100 will be denied medical treatment by a doctor or healthcare provider.
  • 65 of them will be sexually assaulted, and 78 are victims of all forms of violence.
  • 60-70 of them will be harassed, or suffer some form of physical or sexual violence by a law enforcement officer.
  • 69 of them will experience homelessness.

The underlying cause of every one of these statistics is prejudice.

Given the dire statistics of the lives a large majority of transgender people already lead, perhaps North Carolina and all the other cities and states should be passing laws to protect them and expand their rights – not laws which only ratchet up hatred against them.

Does this ad trivialize coming out?

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