Segregated bathrooms will increase violence against women

Out of 100 rapes, 32 women will report the attack. Of those 32 who report, only 2% of their rapists will ever see the inside of a prison cell. The average conviction rate for rape in the United States is the lowest of any violent felonies and carries the shortest prison time.

Rape is not sex; it’s a violent crime. It’s assault with a weapon. It’s a crime of rage and control over the victim and the weapon wielded by 84% of rapists is their own body.

I support laws intended to protect women and children from being raped or assaulted. States should cover the cost of collecting forensic evidence (rape kits) and they should have to process the kits in a reasonable amount of time. We should eliminate statutes of limitations on sexual assault entirely; the average time it takes to report a rape for victims under 18 is 6 years.

States can encourage more victims to come forward by offering more services and by putting rapists on trial, not their victims. Law enforcement should have to investigate all rape accusations. Broaden the definition of rape, and include drugs as a weapon in aggravated rape cases. Teach kids what consent means.

There are many ways states can lower rape statistics, but there is no evidence to substantiate the claims that rape rates lower with segregated restrooms.

Those pushing anti-transgender bathroom laws say the stated intention is to protect women and children. What about about transgender women and disabled children? Women are supposed to believe states are finally taking rape seriously and we’re being protected from harm since our streets won’t be crawling with sex offenders if these laws are passed.

We’re supposed to buy that this isn’t another battlefront in the war on women.

Does this ad trivialize coming out?

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