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Sandy Rios: Openly gay Army secretary could never lead men into battle

Here comes a few stupid words from American Family Association’s Sandy Rios, up in arms over the confirmation of Eric Fanning as Army Secretary — because he’s a gay man and therefore can’t be an “alpha male”:

“When it comes to leading men into battle, when it comes to being secretary of the Army, I’ll take an alpha male any day. I’m sorry. I know these war-like men too well and I don’t think most of them — very few of them are gay. You that are in the gay community, if you were to describe your friends and colleagues who are in this community, I don’t think you would describe them as warriors. I’m sure there are some, but still, I would prefer an alpha male.”
Rios likened Fanning’s confirmation to the controversy swirling around Religious Right activist Jerry Boykin after he threatened violence against transpeople:
That’s where we’ve come: an openly gay man is the secretary of the army while the founder of the Delta Force, because he disapproves of transgender bathrooms in North Carolina, is fired from teaching at a college. It’s just amazing.”

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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