Disturbing footage captures trans woman assaulted on New York subway

Disturbing footage captures trans woman assaulted on New York subway

Upsetting footage has surfaced of a trans woman suffering an unprovoked subway attack on a train in New York City.

“You ain’t nobody,” the female perpetrator says.

What follows is a volley of antigay slurs on a crowded subway train.

“Who are you really under all that makeup?” the woman taunts the trans woman, whose name is Pearl Love.

“Where’d you come from? Are you the emperor of China?”

“You don’t even know me!” Pearl Love can be heard saying. “And you judge me!”

Love was getting onto the 4 train on Thursday when the assault transpired.

“She don’t know me,” she said, “I don’t know her, whatever, but she needs to learn a lot.”

“I mean, do you do this on the weekends?” asks the assailant. “Or is this an everyday event for you?”

According to Love, it is indeed an everyday event.

She claims something like this happens to her every day — but she happened to capture this particular incident on video.

According to an ABC report, the video has been viewed on YouTube over 80,000 times.

Cristina Herrera, the head of transgender advocacy center Trans Bodies, claims there have been at least 10 trans-related homicides this year.

“This violence is a symptom of a serious problem in this world,” she tells ABC. “Every day we choose to live our life authentically, we don’t know if we’re going to come back home safe.”

The incident isn’t being investigated — Love hasn’t filed a report, and she’s not sure she will.

She says it’s enough for people to be able to see the experience through her eyes — and see that nobody came to her defense on a crowded Harlem train.

Watch the disturbing footage below:

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