Broadcaster gives perfect response to viewer who hates his ‘gayness’

Broadcaster gives perfect response to viewer who hates his ‘gayness’

An Arkansas TV reporter recently received an email from an irate viewer who felt his “gayness” was a problem.

Mitchell McCoy, a reporter for KARK-TV, shared the correspondence via Twitter:

“I watched KARK before you joined and it was a reputable broad cast [sic] until now,” the viewer, who signed the email “kark Channel 4 Fan,” begins.

“I have been holding back for months but I can’t stand your gayness.”

“You are on television every night and our children should not be watching people like you. You are a disgrace to Arkansas and I will be asking your boss to take you off.” That’s just rude — you don’t see McCoy coming around to your boss and telling her you’re unfit to be making Dairy Queen chicken strips.

The “fan” concludes, “Do not be offended but society is not ready for gay men reading news.”

McCoy had the perfect response, keeping things light, bright and gay:

“I get many emails but this tops it. I’ve dreamt of being a reporter since I was 9 and I won’t stop on your behalf.”

He added:

Watch McCoy demonstrate what a great reporter he is:

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