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HOAX: Why did Bernie Sanders enter this rally to a homophobic DMX song?


So. It turns out the Bernie Sanders campaign did not blast DMX’s “Where the Hood At” at a campaign rally in Lancaster.

As Slate reports, everyone from Billboard to The Source covered the story, but the whole thing was a  Situationist prank orchestrated by one Edwin Acuna, who simply re-edited footage of the rally to make it seem like Sanders was using the homophobic DMX song as his entrance music.

When asked about his motivations, Acuna told Slate:

To make a long story short, It started off as a goof, and turned into a social experiment. Literally everyone and their mothers went nuts, using it for their own agendas to prove that some how Bernie Sanders was anti gay all along, I chose that song because I knew it would shake up both ends of the spectrum. So I want to ask everyone, The younger folks out there, I really do appreciate the immense love everyone gave Bernie Sanders, but please think more about the political process and get involved instead of having to have a viral video to motivate you to make a move and vote. To those Hilary supporters, I hope you feel at a lose for words and I say that with all due respect, I respect your stance but Id like to ask you how it feels to believe you almost had a 1up on Bernie and a reason to shame him only to come up short? Just like you all accused the Bernie supporters of being senseless for following this man coming out to a DMX you too are a victim of blindly believing everything you see on the internet. With that said, I hope everyone remembers what memorial day is all about and RIP to all my dead soldiers, its more than just a 3 day weekend. God bless america.

Original story:

Well, this may prove controversial.

On Thursday, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders entered a campaign rally in Lancaster, California while DMX’s “Where the Hood At” blasted in the background.

While the hip hop track succeeded in pumping up the crowd (as demonstrated in the clip below), the song choice was perhaps not the wisest, not least for the fact that one of the verses of the song is floridly homophobic. (Organizers fade out the song before the incendiary lyrics.)

Here’s a transcript:

“Last I heard, y’all n*ggas was havin sex, with the same sex
I show no love, to homo thugs
Empty out, reload and throw more slugs
How you gonna explain f*cking a man?
Even if we squashed the beef, I ain’t touching ya hand
I don’t bunk with chumps, for those who been to jail
That’s the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps
I don’t f*ck with n*ggas that think they broads.”


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