Anti-trans activists ‘test’ Target by sending men into women’s rooms

Anti-trans activists ‘test’ Target by sending men into women’s rooms

Thanks to some maverick anti-trans crusaders, things are getting pretty grim inside Target restrooms.

Speaking with “Breitbart News Daily,” Sandy Rios, the American Family Association’s director of governmental affairs, was proud to report that loads of antigay activists have started “testing” Target’s new bathroom policy — by sending men into the women’s rooms.

Rios has attempted to boycot the chain ever since the company said it would let trans people use whatever restroom best matched their gender identity.

The AFA thinks this simply opens the door to “sexual predators.”

Stephen Bannon, host of “Breitbart News Daily,” claimed Target is “trying to exclude people who are decent, hard-working people who don’t want their four-year-old daughter to have to go into a bathroom with a guy with a beard in a dress.”

Rios responded:

I think there’s no question that when you say that there are no barriers in the bathroom, “and that if men or women feel like they are men or women, the opposition of however they are equipped, and you have no restrictions, the net effect will be that people will not be stopped. We’ve already had people testing this, going into Targets and men trying to go into bathrooms. There is absolutely no barrier.”

“And so the chief concern, even more than just, I think, trauma, certainly for little girls of having men dressed like women coming in their bathrooms, the chief concern of the American Family Association is the predators who will take advantage.”

This is all deeply strange.

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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