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Watch as a Family Dollar cashier refuses to serve a lesbian customer

Watch as a Family Dollar cashier refuses to serve a lesbian customer

Melissa Langford, 34, got more than low prices when she went shopping at a New Orleans Family Dollar store. Instead, she got an earful of homophobic comments and was denied service by the foul mouthed cashier.

“My mind was blown. I couldn’t believe the things I was hearing this woman say,” Langford told the Times-Picayune. “It’s one thing if it was a customer in line being ignorant with her friends, but this is the cashier.”

Langford says she was the fifth customer in line at the cash register when she overheard the cashier say she hates gay people, that they are “sick,” and “they got somethin wrong in they head.” After Langford objected, noting that she’s a lesbian, the cashier became combative and refused to ring up her purchases.

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After a male customer objected to the cashier’s actions, she refused to serve him as well. The other customer, however, wasn’t about to back down as he confronted the cashier, calling her a “nincompoop” and “asshole.”

Langford captured video of the cashier’s behavior, although she says the clerk toned it down dramatically after she realized Langford was recording her rant.

Langford posted the video on Facebook, saying “Im really upset. This is the worst antigay shit ive [sic] ever had to deal with in my 34 years.”

She says she contacted the company’s corporate office but no one replied to her complaint. The Times-Picayune also tried to get a statement from the company but was met with silence. The local store manager refused to comment as well.

Langford says the manager refused to get involved during the altercation as well. “She said, ‘I can’t control nothing. She can say and do what she wants,'” she said.

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