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Tony Perkins is happy to hate taking your money from ‘extremist’ PayPal

Tony Perkins is happy to hate taking your money from ‘extremist’ PayPal

Hate group leader Tony Perkins denounced PayPal for pulling out of a planned expansion into North Carolina following passage of the state’s religious discrimination law. In a very sternly worded press release, the Family Research Council president attacked the company for standing up for human rights.

“PayPal may be the Left’s friend, but it’s no pal of North Carolina’s! The money transfer service announced this morning that it’s canceling the company’s Charlotte expansion because the state won’t force young girls to share bathrooms and showers with grown men,” Perkins said. “Company CEO Dan Schulman is so outraged that North Carolina listened to its people and not out-of-state radicals that he’s moving his new branch to a different location. Good riddance! Anyone with half a brain shouldn’t want that kind of extremism operating out of North Carolina anyway.”

Blogger Joe.My.God. points out, however, that the Family Research Council is more than happy to take your donation via… you guessed it… PayPal. As Joe says, “Tony Perkins has half a brain” apparently.

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