Seth Meyers demolishes the new anti-trans bathroom bills

Late Night’s Seth Meyers took aim at North Carolina and Mississippi’s new bathroom laws during last night’s “Closer Look” segment. The talk show host spent almost eight minutes diving into the issue, and highlighted of the lies and ridiculous arguments being used to justify the laws.

“It’s not just a whim, it’s a person’s innermost concept of self. It’s their identity, it’s who they are,” Meyers said while pointing out, “Now there are any number of problems with these laws, and aside from the fact that they’re hateful and discriminatory, they’re also unenforceable. When asked how they would enforce North Carolina law, spokesman for one local police department said, ‘So that means people have to go to the bathroom with birth certificates? Yeah, that was curious to me.’ And another said, ‘We don’t have police officers sitting at public bathrooms all day long’.”

Watch below as Meyers destroys the new discriminatory laws.

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