Ruby Rose wishes fans wouldn’t say she ‘turned them gay’

While Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose naturally adores her fans, there’s one phrase she really wishes they’d retire — namely, that she “turned them gay.”

Talking to Galore magazine, she shared her views on that particular compliment:

“I’m one of those people who feels that everybody is somewhere on the spectrum. I don’t think it needs to be labeled — love is about the person.

“When people say to me that I turned them gay, I just laugh, because that’s not really even a possibility. It sounds like I did something against their will in the middle of the night, as if I crept into their brain and pushed the gay button, then did an evil laugh and left them to fend for themselves — newly gay and alone in the world.”

Later on in the interview, she says that “as human beings, we are drawn to what we can’t have. We are drawn to fantasy over reality, and often are in love with an idea of a situation rather than the reality of it. I think people like the idea of “turning gay for someone,” but it’s not actually that simple. Ultimately, that statement is just a form of endearment or a compliment, but it’s not real.”

So now you know.

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