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Pair of gay vultures decide to adopt an abandoned egg

Pair of gay vultures decide to adopt an abandoned egg

We haven’t given a great deal of thought to gay vultures up until this very minute, when we read a report about a pair of gay vultures living in a German zoo, who have not only adopted an egg abandoned by its mother but have started to incubate it inside their nest.

Ever since a griffon vulture named Lisa dropped her egg, apparently totally over it, animal keepers kept it safe in the mud beneath a tree. This “Lisa” vulture showed absolutely no interest in building a nest, but then again, vultures are notorious for their wild ways.

After being placed in an incubator for a time, this wayward egg was bequeathed to a male vulture couple with the superior names Isis and Nordhorn.

According to zoo spokewoman Ina Deiting, they “promptly sat on it.”

As of press time, the biological parentage of the egg remains unclear, and zoo keepers still are uncertain whether it’s fertilized.

We’ll keep you abreast of the ballad of Isis, Nordhorn, and the Displaced Egg as it unfolds in real time. Don’t go anywhere.


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