Liberty Counsel Prez Anita Staver: I’m ‘taking my Glock .45 to Target’

Anita Staver’s Twitter account lists her as a “constitutional attorney” and the “happy wife” of Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver.

Her personal motto is “seek truth, not popularity.” So far, she’s found neither.

On Friday, she wrote a Tweet that implies she’ll be popping ’round her local Target, armed with a Glock .45 handgun in order to protect herself against the nefarious advances of transgender users:

We reached out to Nadine Smith, Executive Director of Equality Florida, for a statement. She responded:

The president of Liberty Counsel, the religious law group behind the recent wave of anti-transgender bathroom bills, announced that she plans to carry a gun with her to the women’s restroom.

Anita Staver’s twitter message comes in response to an announcement by Target the company will not discriminate against transgender customer or employees.

Liberty Counsel’s tweet advising people to bring firearms into bathrooms is outrageous, dangerous, and irresponsible. The type of fear-mongering promoted by this hate group is not only reprehensible, but it is putting lives in danger.

I have contacted Liberty Counsel directly and hope they will accept the invitation to meet with Equality Florida and sit down with members of the transgender community to see the people who suffer most directly the consequences of their dangerous and dehumanizing rhetoric.

Fortunately, this type of appeal to fear is being broadly denounced. Conservative commentators, law enforcement officials and those on the frontline combating violence have called this misguided and dangerous; a draconian solution to a non-existent problem.

We hope Liberty Counsel will back away from this reckless strategy and stop inciting hostility toward transgender people.”

Social media was understandably outraged:

Staver has been quick to respond to her critics:

Those critics have been eager to respond in kind:

The back-and-forth continues:

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