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Fox News ridicules bisexual protester by showing ‘Bruno’ clip

As part of a wildly unfunny bit that recently aired on ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ grimly smug Fox New journo Jesse Watters insinuated himself at a DC protest hoping to eradicate the influence of highly wealthy donors.

Fox uncharitably referred to the event as a “radical far left rally.”

In the segment, oily Watters goes out of his way to find the most eccentric protesters and make them look silly in order to undermine the event.

Upon meeting one protestor, he asks: “Are you single? You might find your significant other here — she could be out here right now.”

“She or he,” the protester responds.

Producers felt this warranted a jump-cut to a scene from Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno, in which he remarks “I’m totally irresistible to gay guys.”

Watch the rabidly unfunny, culturally tone-deaf segment below:

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