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California high school won’t let lesbian couple be Prom Queens

Classmates were into it. Administration, not so much.

Staffers at Foothill High School in Redding, California are decidedly against the idea of a lesbian couple being Prom Queen and Prom Queen.

Jim Bartow, principal of the high school, says allowing two prom queens would amount to gender discrimination and violate federal law.

16-year-old Hayley Lack and her girlfriend have since rounded up over 100 signatures and written a petition urging the school to promptly change the rules.

Apparently the ACLU is looking into it.

Talking to The Record Searchlight, Lack says:

Their argument doesn’t make sense to me. We don’t need a female on the football team or a male cheerleader to be fair — why do we need a guy when the couple nominated is a female couple? … We’d rather just fight the battle for it and win so that future kids that are LGBT won’t have to deal with it. A queen and a queen can still rule perfectly fine…. A lot of discrimination has happened because of the word ‘tradition,’ in my opinion, in our history.”

Hayley Lack explains the situation in the video below:

h/t: Towleroad



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