Boy George: ‘I never wanted to be straight’

It’s something that happened, and sitting here worrying about whether it was the right thing and, ‘Did I deserve it?’ It happened. And I dealt with it.”

“I went through the whole, ‘What have you done? This is not my life. This is a disaster.’

“But I always had the sense that I’d get through it.”

“The gift it gave me was time with myself. I went into prison sober. I knew I had a lot of work to do.

“I’ve worked very hard at getting myself back in shape, getting my career back, getting my self-respect back.”

“I knew it would take time, and it has. But I’m starting to feel the rewards of that work….”

“I’m in recovery and I hear a lot of people talking about how drugs destroyed their lives.”

“It’s not unique to pop stars. An addict is an extreme person whether it’s drugs or fame or being in love or food.”

“An addict is an addict. But until you can say, ‘I’m an addict’, you can’t start to make peace with those demons.”

“Even when I was ten, I just thought, ‘It’s what I’m meant to be and that’s the end of it.’ I never, ever wanted to be straight.”

“Am I happy? I would have found that question really weird ten years ago. Like, ‘What a f**king weird thing to ask me!’”

“But yeah, I’m happy a lot of the time. I mean, really, what have I got to complain about?””

— Boy George talks to The Evening Standard, discussing his drug addiction, prison stint, and coming to terms with his sexuality at a young age

h/t: Pink News

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