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Benham Brothers: The LGBTQ movement is ‘forcing itself on everyone’

Two highly visible conservative activists who support North Carolina’s sweeping antigay law are Jason and David Benham, who have been campaigning against LGBTQ rights for years.

As Right Wing Watch reports, they’ve even gone so far as to deny permits to pride events and have organized several rallies to fight against gay rights.

In a new WorldNetDaily column, the Benham twins defend the state law, implying that just as the men in Sodom tried to rape the angels who appeared in Lot’s house, “the newest fruit of the vine of Sodom is the sexual revolution — and it’s poisoning our land. It has nearly taken over everything and is forcing itself on everyone.”

Today, the sexual revolution of Sodom has pervaded every sphere of society, capturing both young and old. And anyone standing in the way will be surrounded by an angry mob demanding participation.”

“The sexual revolution is ‘blind’ to its own rage and hate,” they write. “It has no capacity for reason. It has no ability to see its own hypocrisy or discern its hopeless future. It just forces itself on others regardless of cost or consequence.”

The Benhams then suggest that the USA has fallen to this “demanding and pervasive” force, “and nothing short of a miracle will stop its deadly poison.”

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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