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This Berlin LGBT museum just found bullet holes in its front window

A Berlin museum dedicated to LGBT history and culture found bullet holes in its front window Monday, The Advocate reports.

The Schwules Museum, which opened in 1985 and used to be a gathering place for the East Berlin LGBT scene, called the police after discovering the vandalism. The police then sealed off the street and declared it a crime scene.

“Most of the people working at the museum are volunteers, who are here because they enjoy being in a safe environment where they are accepted for who and what they are,” the Schwules Museum said in a statement. “Many said they were ‘worried’ about the attacks on this institution. Realistically, anyone could have done it.”

The incident comes after stones smashed the windows of another LGBT archive, in Hamburg in 2013–as well as amid a wave of right-wing sentiment in GermanyThe New York Times reports.

The Schwules museum is considering making the hole-ridden window part of its exhibit.

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