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The Supreme Court ‘tried to play God’ by legalizing same-sex marriage

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, blithely breezed by Tony Perkins’ “Washington Watch” radio program to nonchalantly drench the host in a gale of hateful bile, shooting from the hip with conservative attorney Ken Klukowski about what he feels are attacks on religious freedom in America.

First he warned that liberals will stop at nothing until Christians can no longer practice their faith openly, and then he repeated one of his most favorite claims: namely, that the Supreme Court justices were playing God when they handed down their marriage equality ruling last summer:

Last summer, the Supreme Court in the same-sex marriage case did what they have been building towards since the 1960s, for over 50 years. You take away God from the schools, prayer from the schools, the Bible from the schools; God, the Bible, things where we talk about God or Jesus in an open forum that’s in the public sector. And last summer five justices basically said, ‘Forget what God said according to the Bible, forget what Moses said, God said, forget what Jesus said when he quoted Moses verbatim and said ‘this is what marriage is.’ Basically, to my mind, they were ruling, ‘The five of us, we five Supremes, are now your God.’”

Then, to gild the lily, he suggested the government feels they can compel the church to “fund abortion” and, really, “force churches to do whatever they tell them.” Possibly including chores like picking up a carton of eggs on their way home.

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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