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Survey: Less than half of America’s youth are straight

A brand new survey of young Americans has yielded some fascinating information: Less than 48% of Americans aged 13-20 would describe themselves as “exclusively heterosexual”.

The younger generation is even more open-minded and permissive than millennials (aged 21 to 34.)

The survey found that 65% of millennials said they were exclusively straight.

The study used a scale of zero to six — zero being “exclusively homosexual.”

Over a third of Americans aged 13-20 picked a number other than zero or six.

The report’s author, J Walter Thompson Innovation Group, says this indicates they were bisexual to some degree. (Less than a quarter of millennials identified this way.)

56% of Americans aged aged 13-20 said they knew somebody who used neutral pronouns like “they” or “them”.

Asked, “Do you strongly agree that gender does not define a person as much as it used to?”, over a third of Americans aged 13-20 said yes.

More than 70% of 13 to 20-year-olds “strongly agreed” that public spaces should be required to provide gender neutral bathrooms.

Only a little over half of millennials believed the same.

Though the survey only polled a select number of people from all over the country, those behind the study think it reflects a national trend.

“We’re even more confident about this for this particular survey,” says Shepherd Laughlin from the J Walter Thompson Group. “Because we see clear patterns across the different questions that show that Gen Z has a more complex and less binary approach to gender than millennials.”

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