Musician Olly Murs: I’m ’20 percent gay’

In an interview with The Sun, former ‘X Factor’ star Olly Murs mentioned Sacha Baron Cohen’s obnoxious remarks that he’s “23 percent gay.”

“There are times I go down to 17; sometimes I’m 31 — depends on the situation,” Cohen told E! News. “When I was doing Borat and I had the testicles at my chin, I was at 31.”

Instead of calling out Cohen, he instead made claims along the same lines: “I’m probably the same,” Murs said, “or maybe 20 percent.”

Then Murs added insult to injury by trotting out a line about having, quite literally, “lots of gay friends.”

“I’ve got a lot of gay friends I get on with really well,” he told the paper. “I get on with everyone. Everyone’s got a bit of campness about them.”

Along these tasteless, tone-deaf lines — are any publicists looking for work? — Murs told Australia’s Star Observer: “The weirdest thing for me is when straight guys get really freaked out by gay guys. It’s almost like they’re insecure in their own sexuality. For me, I can be in a room full of gay men and have fun.”

h/t: Pop Crush

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