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Why Hillary Clinton retweeted Bernie Sanders — and why you need to see it

Why Hillary Clinton retweeted Bernie Sanders — and why you need to see it

Winning Democrats points out that Hillary Clinton retweeted Bernie Sanders much-lauded Sunday post, which read “America’s first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the KKK.”


Why is this notable? As journalist John Prager notes:

Comment sections — including ours — quickly devolve into something that resembles the most recent GOP debate, with people who are supposed to be on the same side attacking each other. At times, like when Clinton supporters kickstarted “birtherism” in an attempt to damage Barack Obama in 2008, things can go too far. While their respective followers can lose sight of the goal — keeping a Republican out of the White House — both Sanders and Clinton, at their cores, know how important the next election is to our nation.


The message sent by both candidates, whether they said it outright or not, is that our future is too important to allow it to be tarnished by petty squabbles over who is the best quarterback on our football team. If you like Sanders, vote for Sanders in your primary or caucus. If you like Clinton, do your thing. Attacking either candidate because you disagree with them on some issues rather than simply pointing out the issues is nothing but damaging.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have some great ideas. Both would make an excellent President. Both would be historic — Hillary would be the first female President, which is huge, and Bernie would be the first Jewish President (as well as the first who could pass for Doc Brown).”

The entire excellent post, which is well worth the read, can be found here.

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